Many of us humans often ruminate about life, things and concepts that we do not understand, or are able to even get our mind around. These thought are often on subjects that may be dark, taboo, even negative facts of life as a human being and ones place in humanity.

Pragmatic Futurology is a platform that presents these subjects to be discussed and explored for what they are and to let us all know that even though these topics of rumination are often disturbing and subjective… that it is perfectly okay and human to ruminate about them.

This forum covers the world in the future and its future technologies. Other relevant topics may and will include: 3000, future technology, future technologies, future business tech, future business technology, transhuman, type 2 civilization, type 2 civilization technology, digital immortality, simulation, terraforming mars, terraforming Venus, the world in 3000, etc.


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